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Let's Go:

This is your go-to source for information about Canada immigration. 
We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and make their dreams of migrating to Canada come true.
Our goal is to make the process easier and stress-free. 

Beautiful buildings Canada
Snow mountains and blue water
northern lights
1 - Determine your Eligibility:

Do you know which province to aim for?
Do you know what salary you should be asking for?
Is your cover letter refecting your awesomeness?
Are you gunning for the right job?
Is your job offer going to allow for you to have your family accompany you?
Is this job going to help you gain access to a pathway to PR?

For all the answers , contact Diane from New Routes Canada.

2 - CV Rewrite

Purchase your Canadian CV package from Roz Fisher (Résumés Etc) to transform your CV into one that beats the CV scanning software. The package also includes LinkedIn and Indeed profiles, so you'll be well equipped to tackle  the job search process.



3 - Simplify your Move

Simplify your move to Canada with Smooth Migration.
- Realtor locator

- Mortgage

- Banking

- Insurance

- Vehicle lease or purchase

- Mobile (cell) phone


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