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9 Questions about Life in Australia

Updated: Jul 11


What do you love most about Australia?

The land and the diversity of people. Australia is very multicultural (especially in the cities) and Australia has a variety of beautiful landscapes. I love the feeling of being in a wide open area, and being able to have many cuisines nearby.

What do you dislike most?

Lack of sustainability. Australia both exports in an unsustainable way and individual consumption is high. Our neighbours (and us) shouldn't pay the cost for us getting rich off natural resources in the short term.

What problems do you see as the most troubling for where you live?

Socioeconomic problems like homelessness and family violence, but those are common everywhere. I am thankful that we have many charities and organizations to address these issues, and that we've seen progress in many areas.

How has where you live changed over the years?

Where I grew up used to be paddocks when mum was a kid and now there are hardly any left. It's a high population growth area and has become a lot more developed. During my childhood it became officially a city (but it is still rare to see a multi-story building). There's definitely a lot of growth happening here, and I'm excited to be around to see it.

What do you consider the most important sights to see as a tourist?

Natural landscapes like the Otways and Twelve Apostles. There are plenty of other beautiful beaches and forests depending on where you are interested in - the ones I listed are a few hours drive from Melbourne.

What do you think can only be experienced through living in your country? What would you miss most if you left?

Hard to say as I haven't lived in other countries but I would definitely miss the natural landscapes & (depending on the country) medicare.

Have you ever left your country? Why? What country did you go to, and did you enjoy it?

Yes, to Malaysia as part of a program at my university & I enjoyed it.

Are there many foreigners where you live? Are expats welcomed or looked down upon?

Most Australians if not immigrants themselves are only a few generations away. Attitudes vary and ribbing is to be expected but for the most part I think we are welcoming.

What advice would you give to someone coming to your country for the first time?

We use lots of slang and mock our friends. Thinking highly of yourself is looked down on. Learn about the local area & best practices for nature there.

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