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She's back!

Updated: Oct 31

Finding an employer in Canada is not easy. You need MORE than what they are looking for. You are competing with a possible few hundred globally situated candidates. To blend in is certain employment death.

Diane McDougall Theron is back in business as owner RCIC with New Routes Canada, and ready to help you make your immigration dreams come true. A message from Diane:

"I encourage you before you start your job search, as the beginning of your immigration journey to Canada, invest in a consultation. The fee is $250 for a session up to 90 minutes.

Together we will figure out which NOC to use, what your salary expectations realistically are and how to use a job offer in order to find a pathway to Permanent Residence.

Also, I will teach you the process, how to build your points to give you a good chance of selection either by the Canadian government or province.

This is my personal goal for each of you."

Contact Diane McDougall Theron - Rcic at:

She is back

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